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I had the pleasure of photographing my last wedding of 2010 in New Orleans.  The wedding of Gizelle and Ryan was the perfect wedding to end the season.  The wedding was fabulous.  The venues were great, the food was great, the guests were fun and the music was fantastic.  New Orleans has always been known for it’s music and this wedding was proof of that.  Gizelle and Ryan had three bands for the reception.  They had a second line band for their parade to the reception, they had another second line band for a parade after the reception and they had a band that played during the reception.  There definitely wasn’t a shortage of music at this wedding.  Treme was one of the bands that performed.  You may have seen Treme on the HBO series which was also called Treme.   Gizelle and Ryan added a “day after session” to their package so that we could take some photos around New Orleans.  Unfortunately, traffic was terrible on that day so that prevented us from getting to the places that we wanted to shoot at but we still were able to get a lot of photos around the historic city.  Here are a few highlights from the wedding.

Wedding Venue: Piazza D’Italia

Reception Venue: Gallier Hall

Gizelle - March 1, 2011 - 6:35 AM

Thanks for photographing our wedding! We definitely had a fab time and the photos are gorgeous. FYI-everyone is asking who our photographer was- I’m sending them to your site!

Yolanda - January 6, 2011 - 7:51 PM

Gorgeous photos! Love the Jimmy Choos 🙂

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